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MaiMed® - evolution

  • single-use glove made of Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • textured surface
  • powder-free
  • non sterile
  • partially transparent
  • very elastic
  • ambidextrous
  • suitable for food


MaiMed- evolution are suitable for the use with all kinds of food, in the industry and patient care.


  • MaiMed-evolution_ blau_angezogen
  • MaiMed-evolution_ weiß_angezogen
  • MaiMed-evolution_blue_76281
  • MaiMed-evolution_white_76277
  • REF-76277-MaiMed-evolution-pic

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Download this file (Evolution blau Lebensmittelprüfung.pdf)Evolution blau Lebensmittelprüfung.pdf[Unbedenklichkeitserklärung]207 kB
Download this file (Evolution Lebensmittelprüfung.pdf)Evolution Lebensmittelprüfung.pdf[Unbedenklichkeitserklärung]205 kB
Download this file (Lebensmittelzertifikat_Evolution.pdf)Lebensmittelzertifikat_Evolution.pdf[ Lebensmittelzertifikat]1434 kB
Download this file (TD-MaiMed-Evolution-blue-2017-06-30.pdf)TD-MaiMed-Evolution-blue[Technisches Datenblatt]127 kB
Download this file (TD-MaiMed-Evolution-white-2017-06-30.pdf)TD-MaiMed-Evolution-white[Technisches Datenblatt]125 kB

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