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The individual Set-Systems of MaiMed are offering a diversity of possibilities. They have the complete equipment, which is important during the treatment for medical interventions. From the  sterile instrument-set for bigger interventions in the operating room to bandage sets for the optimal wound treatment, individual sets, which we can compile after the wishes of our customers. All is possible.

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Surgical-Set-Systems from MaiMed are your key to more safety, efficiency and economy in the operating room. It is our aim, to support your work completely. We are offering you Surgical-Set –Systems based on the specific application and the economical OP-preparation.

VS-Set Surgical-Dressing-System

  • Standard-Sets are ready for use, sorted sets with dressings, which will be often used in the operating room , sterile packed for the immediate use.
  • Individual Sets are ready for use sets with dressings, which will be compiled after your requirements and which will be often used in the operating room, combined for you, ready for use and sterile packed for the immediate use.

Why MaiMed Surgical-Set-Systems?


In the last years, the number of surgical interventions is sharply increased and due to the demographic development it will continue to grow and strain our health system. Therefore,the reduction of costs is one of the biggest challenges in German hospitals.
The use of MaiMed Surgical-Set-Systems helps to reduce your costs and to optimize your  range of services.
Ready for use MaiMed Surgical-Sets guarantee a systematic, safe and efficient working in the operating room.
Furthermore, you reduce your costs by saving of personnel resources during the  pre-packing of individual products, the physical inspection as well as by optimize the storage and reduction of the waste quantities.

Quality & Safety
has been already started in 1995 and has been certificated according to Annex V of Directive 93/42 EWG. Due to this directive we have the possibility to produce and to deliver your Surgical- Sets within short time. Thus, we are able to change quickly short term modifications for the sets from your side. We store the sets in our main warehouse in Germany and deliver them to you by call-order.
Thus, we have the possibility, to deliver your Surgical-Sets “just in time”.


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