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About us

The MaiMed GmbH is a manufacturer of bandages, and health,-hygiene and medical products and was founded 1996 by Dirk Pfemfert. The headquarter of the company is in Neuenkirchen, logistically excellent situated in the South of the metropolis region Hamburg.

The World of MaiMed
The MaiMed GmbH – We are producing at four carefully selected and controlled manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia, which will be coordinated from Neuenkirchen. In order to guarantee a consistent quality by purchasing and the production of high-quality raw materials from Far East, we additionally have an office in

Shanghai, Republic of China. Furthermore we are represented worldwide with 15 subsidiaries, Sales Offices and cooperation partners in all important markets. We differ our production assortment from 10 different scopes and application fields and have a total range of more than 1.800 articles.

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Our customers in the focus
In Germany, we have nationwide professional medical product advisor for our customers.
You can find our products, for example in clinics, in doctor´s offices, pharmacies, drugstores , medical stores, in food processing industries or gastronomies.
Our customer service, which is fitted to the individual needs, is specialized into the profit centers  trade, clinic, industry, private label, consumer and export.

Common Future

At the moment, we are extending our established business areas, especially in the export we are growing disproportionately in the last months. This is only possible due to engaged and  highly-motivated employees.
In cooperation with our teams, we have planned, in short to medium term, to get bigger and bigger and want to open new markets like North- and East Europe.

The MaiMed GmbH is lead by Dirk Pfemfert.

Our Location

MaiMed GmbH
Robert-Koch-Str. 1-7
D-29643 Neuenkirchen
Fon: +49 5195 9707-0
Fax: + 49 5195 9707 -100
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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