MaiMed® – Eco Wipes


Welcome to the future of cleaning and care: MaiMed® presents the new MaiMed® – Eco Wipes!

Our Eco Wipes are more than just wipes and care cloths – they are innovation in action. Due to their advanced absorbent tissue fibers, they absorb liquids quickly and reliably. Thanks to their special surface structure, they are also masters at safely removing dirt particles. And best of all, despite their powerful performance, they are pleasantly gentle on the skin.

The MaiMed® – Eco Wipes are perfectly suited for use in medicine, nursing, gastronomy and the hotel industry. In medical environments, they support hygienic cleaning and care. In the hospitality industry, they keep premises spotlessly clean and provide a sustainable solution to everyday challenges.

Our Eco Wipes are not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly. We understand the importance of sustainability and have developed these wipes with the environment in mind, without sacrificing performance.

As a long-standing provider of high-quality medical products, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality and sustainability. Eco Wipes are the latest proof of that.

Dive into the future of cleaning and care with MaiMed® – Eco Wipes!

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