News at MaiMed®: Presentation of the new washing gloves!

MaiMed® continues its tradition of excellence in health and personal care by introducing two new products that give you even more versatility and effectiveness: The MaiMed® WH Soft-Noppen and the expanded MaiMed® WH Selection.

MaiMed®: Washing glove series: Thorough cleaning and protection in one

Unsere neueste Innovation, der MaiMed® WH Soft-Noppen, provides thorough cleaning that is also gentle on the skin. These ready-to-use Molton Washing Gloves are made of high quality non-woven polypropylene fabric and feature soft nubs to ensure gentle care. Available in the light quality (60g/sqm), they provide reliable protection against impurities and dirt. Ideally suited for the medical field, baby and patient care, as well as for travel.

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Expanded variety at MaiMed® WH: Proven quality in new variations

Our proven MaiMed® WH product range is being expanded to offer you even more flexibility. Ready-to-use molleton non-woven polypropylene washcloths are available in two qualities: light (60g/sqm) and heavy (75g/sqm). Consistently high quality, they provide optimal protection during the washing process. Whether in the medical environment, for baby and patient care or when traveling – they are versatile.

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