MaiMed grows strongly

Six million euros invested and warehouse significantly expanded

Neuenkirchen, Germany.

From the Bundesstraße 71, which runs a few metres away, it is hardly visible when a construction vehicle is not driving through the field of vision: Maimed is growing. Not just a little, but strong and upwards as well. The storage capacity is to be increased by three halls and thus more than twice the current floor space. The number of pallet spaces will almost tripled, from 10.000 to 27.000.

In addition to the current building stock with the 1,500 square metre administration building and two high-bay warehouses, each with a floor area of over 3,800 square metres and a ceiling height of 10.55 metres, there are two further high-bay warehouses with the same basic dimensions, one also 10.55 metres high. The adjacent hall will be 5.20 metres higher and will be used as a shuttle warehouse for handling large quantities of goods. Robots will also be used there in the future. At 850 square metres, the third new hall for a hazardous goods warehouse will be much smaller. According to Dirk Pfemfert, the company, which specialises in the manufacture and sale of dressing materials, protection, care and hygiene products, plans to invest six million euros in the expansion of its logistics centre located between the towns of Brochdorf and Delmsen. Pfemfert is the managing partner of the company, which after its foundation in the mid-1990s initially had its headquarters in the industrial park Siemensstraße in Neuenkirchen. There the capacities were exhausted after several expansions. After a long search for a location, it was decided to move within the community to the newly created industrial estate Robert-Koch-Straße. In 2009, the two halls were put into operation and the office and administration wing moved into. The client expects the construction to proceed quickly. According to Pfemfert, the AGS Planungsgesellschaft (Visselhövede) has already provided for expansion possibilities during the planning phase for the first construction phase and these have been described in the documents. After initial preparatory work in December 2017, the building permit from the district was available at the beginning of the year. Since then, the civil engineers of the Schröder company in Schneverding have been well involved in the preparation of the subsoil. The dimensions of the project and the requirements placed on the construction necessitate extensive ground works. If the weather permits, the first foundations will be cast in February. Completion is planned for late summer, so that the new halls and the hazardous goods warehouse can be gradually put into operation by the end of the year. “Then we will have urgently needed storage capacity, which will enable us to continue on our growth course. According to his boss, Maimed is an important employer and economic factor for Neuenkirchen with 74 employees – “from trainees to university graduates” – and a turnover of around 30 million euros – around 80 percent of which in Germany. This position is to be strengthened with the expansion. According to Pfemfert, this is also a commitment to Neuenkirchen as a business location. This is where all the threads of the company come together, which markets its products predominantly in Europe in 32 countries. Pfemfert anticipates ten to twelve additional positions, particularly in logistics and administration, which will soon be filled – which should not be easy. After all, there is a great need for skilled workers. There you are in competition with other companies in the logistics sector, which is strongly represented in the region. Ergo: “We have to be attractive as an employer.